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Introducing the new way of wrapping your car is with liquid vinyl:

Liquid Vinyl is a spray on protective and decorative vinyl vehicle wrap.
It comes in a wide range of colours and will protect your vehicle against minor scratches,
stone chips, resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering and corrosion.
Liquid Vinyl not only comes in a wide range of colours but also a number of different finishes such as matte, metallic and pearl.
The product is quick to apply and easy to repair or remove. It will not damage your paintwork nor leave a sticky residue on your vehicle.

About Liquid Vinyl

Liquid Vinyl uses a revolutionary high end protective and decorative coating that can be sprayed on cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats.
Liquid Vinyl can be applied to just about any type of surface and can also be used to spray your Mags and Rims.
What is even more remarkable is that if you get tired of the colour you can simply peel the Liquid Vinyl off.
The product is widely used all over the world and has been approved by major car manufacturers.

Why Liquid Vinyl?

Liquid Vinyl is more cost effective than conventional vinyl wrap due to the fact that it is far less labour intensive to apply.
Also you won't be without your vehicle for five days we, can have your vehicle done in only 5 hours.

Liquid Vinyl also has the following benefits:

Liquid vinyl
Liquid vinyl
Plasti Dip
Liquid vinyl
Liquid vinyl Liquid vinyl
Liquid vinyl Liquid vinyl
Plasti Dip

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